Good things
Take time.

Such as beer and business…
and especially a beer business.


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Craft beer
is the messenger.
Community, virtue
and liberty is the message.

Our goal is simple. To bring beer back to it’s roots as the foundation for civilization. For millennia it has served as a form of nourishment, payment and social lubricant. So let’s raise our glass, raise our voice and lift our community.

Join us as we seek to create a brave new brewery in the heart of Orange County.

Like any good rebel alliance, we are recruiting an eclectic community of individuals with diverse perspectives, backgrounds and abilities to rally around something that unites us all. Craft beer!

We are building a brewery experience optimized for social & professional interaction and a web experience designed for debate, collaboration and personal growth.

If free-speech, open conversation, entrepreneurship, personal liberty, responsibility and a love of local rouse your passions we invite you to raise your beer glass to the sky and rally with us! For the future is bright!

Just like good people, good businesses live by their principals. Ours are rooted in the axiom of non-aggression (aka: the golden rule, the N.A.P.) and all our actions follow from there.

Through embodying mindful practices, sustainability, and quality over quantity, we will show the business community that virtue is profitable. And through challenging the status quo by pushing for alternative ways of doing business, i.e. bitcoin, decentralization and sharing economies, we hope to create a future of unfettered opportunity for everyone in our community.

Where virtuous community exists liberty grows. And with liberty comes opportunity, dignity and responsibility. However, the flower of liberty is slow growing and easily poisoned. It is up to every generation to guard the legacy of liberty and foster it’s continued growth for future generations.

The ‘New Agorist’ takes this responsibility seriously and is vigilant in defending it from the sophists and opportunists who wish to sell it for immediate gain.

As George Orwell knew all too well “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear.” So have a beer and jump in the conversation.

our beers



Brewed with Juniper – Approx 5.5% ABV

Manifesto – A public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives.

Sometimes, an idea comes along that is counter intuitive, yet in practice seems so natural that you wonder why it hasn’t always been that way. The bold, fresh piney combination of hops and juniper in the MANIFESTO IPA are a statement; that things need not be the way we have come to expect them, and with a little courage and creativity new ways can be discovered that improve on triumphs of the past.


PAX PALE ALE  |  virtue series

Brewed with Grapefruit Zest & Puree – Approx 4.5% ABV

Pax | Peace – A celebration of peace among society and between communities.

Pax is a light, bright and civilized Pale Ale. Infused with a double dose of grapefruit, (zest & juice) this dry sparkling sessionable hop-forward brew demonstrates the beauty in restraint.


LIBERTAS IIPA  |  virtue series

Brewed with Vermont Maple Syrup – Approx 8.5% ABV

Libertas | Liberty – A virtue which has been aspired to by all cultures but rarely attained.

A great beer has the ability to liberate your senses and open you up to new perspectives. The Libertas Double IPA as a strong complex English style IPA with a potent piney/sappy hop profile that provides balance to the more prevalent earthy malt foundation. But with liberty comes responsibility, and at approx 8.5% ABV we recommend you imbibe responsibly.


GRAVITAS OATMEAL STOUT  |  virtue series

Brewed with Triangular Swiss Chocolate, Whiskied Raisins & Spices – Approx 9% ABV

Gravitas | Gravity – A sense of the importance of the matter at hand, responsibility and earnestness

Intensely dark and roasty yet smooth and smokey, this stout grabs your attention as it grounds you to the present, demanding you to experience every sip. Gravitas is brewed with raw cacao nibs, toblerone chocolate, and raisins soaked in barrel aged whiskey. Drinking this might be the most important thing you do today!

If craft is culture, get ready for the renaissance baby!

Because in 2017 New Agorist will scale up production and open our doors to the public! Until then, if you want to get your hands on our beer you must…

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