New Agorist is a brave new kind of brewery.

We not only value the artistry and craft of brewing, we value community, entrepreneurship, virtue and liberty. And we try to make this apparent in everything we do.

As we work to build our Anaheim-based brewery that’ll be equal parts pub, social club, work space and event hall, we hope that you, our neighbors and patrons, will join us in spreading the New Agorist message so our doors open to an enthusiastic community of beer lovers and forward thinkers.

Agorist (old)

Derived from “Agora”, the ancient Greco-Roman marketplace and cultural center where local merchants (later dubbed “Agorists”) and citizens would come together to buy, barter, sell, network and debate, all while taking in the news and performances of the day.

Agorist (new)

Individuals who recognize the free and open market as the mechanism of cultural and community cohesion, the engine of personal advancement, innovation and progress. Agorists value the culture of freedom-of-expression, individual liberty and voluntary exchange above all else.

Please contact us for:

  • Sales inquiries
  • Radio and podcast appearances
  • Interviews for you publication or blog
  • Investment opportunities
  • Employment inquiries
  • Or just to find out how you can help us, and in turn we can all help the community

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