Sub-II-Pew Challenge

There was a time when, as is probably the case with most grown-ass folks, if someone asked if I watch PewDiePie the appropriate response was merely a scoff.
(I’m no 14 year old gamer after-all.)

But last year amidst the amusing hysterics of modern-day outrage culture, he popped on my radar. So I gave him a chance, and I have to say…


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Handle It!

While we may still be in the "humble beginnings" phase, it will become more clear everyday that we embrace the unorthodox in everything we do. Where others see a box that needs to be checked, we see an opportunity to differentiate. Why? Cuz why the fuck not? If you...

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Brewing with the Big Boys

Although things have been a bit quiet on our blog and social media over the past few months, we have made some serious strides towards bringing our uncompromisingly unique beers to market! And BOY, are we excited to share what's going on! But first, a little back...

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Our Position on the Three Tier System

Taste cannot be controlled by law. -Thomas Jefferson Well we had a few technical difficulties in launching our crowdfunding campaign today. So we will have to delay it until the problem is fixed. As TJ would say "Delay is preferable to error." But we still want to...

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The Crowdfunding countdown has begun!

On Saturday March 18th we launched our funding outreach with an intimate investor tasting party in Rancho Santa Margarita. It was a great start towards turning all our hard work and planning into a real tangible brewery. But that night didn't just mark the beginning...

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Rules For Liberty, Beers for Freedom

I dunno about you, but I love hearing impassioned arguments for rational philosophy and unfiltered reality. I'm just nerdy like that. But I especially enjoy it when in service of liberty. That's why we are helping to organize and promote what promises to be a really...

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Beware the Maple Mafia

We LOVE maple syrup. It's one of life's simple pleasures. If all you slather your pancakes and waffles with is Aunt Jemima's chemical cocktail, you are seriously missing out on one of natures best organic flavors. We love it so much in fact that it is the ingredient...

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VIRTUE – An MLK Day Special Post

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day we have pulled three of his timeless quotes that advance the virtues we seek to foster in today's culture. We have unwavering respect for the man who blew the doors wide open to a conversation which has changed the fabric of this...

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