A friend of ours and a friend of liberty, Logan Albright was so taken by our beer and our message that he wrote an article for Conservative Review. This was the first bit of press our brewery has ever received. So, thanks Logan!

“There nothing quite like the harmonious coupling of alcohol and philosophy. Since time immemorial, friends have been gathering to share a cold one and discuss the depths of human understanding, their libations serving to lubricate conversation and open minds to new possibilities.”

Now, we wouldn’t classify ourselves as “conservative”. We only concern ourselves with individual liberty and pro-business ideas. We feel that’s something everyone can get on board with, conservatives included.

Check out the article ‘One Libertarian brewer is proving that beer is still freedom‘… and keep an eye out for more stories to come out of New Agorist Crypto-Brewery as we continue our journey towards creating a brave new brewery in the heart of Orange County.

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