…to entertain a thought without accepting it.


aristotleThis is a virtue which as all too rare in today’s society. PC culture and self-censorship has eroded the critical thinking faculties of entire generations. Why? Because the fascism-of-feelz has swept educational institutions, entertainment and the mainstream media. Millions of children have been raised with trophies simply for participating. They have been shielded from competition and the valuable lessons that come with failure. We have been told that everyone is a special snowflake who’s subjective reality shan’t be challenged. We have allowed the media to tell us what words are appropriate and deferred to them the parameters of allowable opinion.

The result has been the rise of the social justice warrior and the cry-bully, shutting down any opinion that offends their delicate sensibilities. Rather than accepting people of differing perspectives to offer their ideas up to the rigor of public discourse, they block access, slander the speakers and berate those who want to hear what they have to say.

But cracks are forming in these cement shoes which have been dragging society down to 1984 levels of thought-crime hysteria. The alternative media is blooming like a lotus in the muck. Citizen journalism is showing up the narrative spinners who pass as ‘real news’ outlets. Controversial figures like Milo Yiannopoulos and Mike Cernovich are drawing more attention than prime-time pundits. Heck, the purported ‘racist’ Donald Trump was elected President! There is a growing appetite for open conversation, however taboo. While practicing the above quote, I say CHEERS TO THAT!

That’s what we hope to foster here at New Agorist and within our forthcoming Agora (brewery, tasting room and live event venue). A true ‘Safe space’. Not one where people hide from uncomfortable ideas, but one where everyone is encouraged to speak up, be challenged, and engage in the type of constructive discourse that would make ol’ Aristotle proud!

We invite you to leave your thoughts in the comments below. Love my perspective? Dislike my take on it? Want to share what it means to you? Let the community know! Hell, I can’t even guarantee my business partners agree with me. But all opinions are welcome here. SJWs included.

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