…must have the scope to form, test, and act upon his own choices, for any sort of development of his own personality to take place. He must, in short, be free in order that he may be fully human.

-Murray Rothbard

Murray RothbardIf you have been following our blog you’ll know that we like to pay homage to great minds. We particularly like to give them the spotlight on days that are significant for them. So I would be remiss if I didn’t give a birthday shout-out to a thinker who has probably had more influence over my intellectual development than anyone else. The prolific Murray Rothbard. Today he would have been 91 years old.

Rothbard, if you are unfamiliar with his work, was an economist and historian of epic proportions. His volume of writings is so vast that he is still being published 20 years after his death. Perhaps what he is known best for is crystallizing the 20th century libertarian perspective and educating millions in the principled philosophy of classical liberalism and free market economics.

One of my favorite things about Rothbard is how he is able to so eloquently challenge, even smash conventionally held beliefs about history or economics, while having the data and facts at the ready to quell nearly any contention you may have. Here is a free online resource to read many of his writings. May I suggest you start with Man, Economy, and State or For a New Liberty.

How great is that? It is his birthday but you are the one getting the gift?

With that I raise a cheers to the man of the hour!

Cheers, and happy birthday Murray Rothbard!

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