2017 is going to be a big year for us. So it’s fitting that we started it off in a big way by serving nearly 600 people at one of the swankiest New Year’s Eve parties in Los Angeles!

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This wasn’t any NYE party though… It was a 1920 Prohibition themed bash! Although it would be more accurately described as a celebration of the END of prohibition; complete with a ‘bud-bar’ provided by Buds & Roses, and other cannabis related sponsors. It is, after all, now recreationally legal here in California.

Friends are what New Year’s Eve is all about. Celebrating with old friends and making new ones. It just so happens we here at New Agorist have some pretty amazing friends. That is how we we’re able to participate in a NYE celebration this epic. Our good friend Judd Weiss, the self-made real estate man, turned photographer, turned 2016 Libertarian Party VP Candidate asked us to be the beer-mongers of the evening. An honor which, if you’ve been to a Judd Weiss party is kind of a big deal. We had the pleasure to serve one of his parties last year when he held the fundraiser for Libertarian Presidential Candidate John McAfee, in which he announced he was his VP running mate.

Anywho, we came prepared to fuel the fun with four kegs of our beautiful brews. Our flagship IPA, Manifesto. Our smooth and sensual stout, Gravitas. And two kegs of our seasonal Campari IPA. By the end of the night we only had half a keg left. That’s what we call success.

The evening started nice and slow around 9pm with people trickling in, which allowed us to set up our kegorator in the bar. However, before long the party was poppin’! Word has it this was the most attended party Judd has ever thrown at is Bel Air home, and the long lines for the booze-bar and bud-bar definitely made that apparent.

We were joined by two lovely bartenders who, understandably wanted to enjoy the party as well. So just short of midnight when the booze was running low they abandoned their posts, leaving the New Agorist crew in charge of the bar. Now, we are no bartenders, but we feel we made the best of it. Russell and Aaron sprang into action mixing drinks while beertender extraordinaire Sayaka and myself manned the beer station.

Overall the reception to our beer was incredible. As we expected the Manifesto was the first to tap out. The complements we received on our brews were overwhelming and we feel we accomplished what we set out to do; Provide a once in a lifetime experience for everyone involved.

For those of you who attended, thank you for making it a splendid evening. We look forward to hosting more tasting parties and taking part in various events around the OC and LA areas while we work hard to open our full-scale brewery and tasting room in Anaheim, Ca.

Cheers! To a prosperous and prohibitionless 2017!

We would also like to thank Yaakov Markel and David Keller for their amazing photographs.

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