I dunno about you, but I love hearing impassioned arguments for rational philosophy and unfiltered reality. I’m just nerdy like that. But I especially enjoy it when in service of liberty.

That’s why we are helping to organize and promote what promises to be a really great event next Thursday, February 2nd in Los Angeles. Matt Kibbe, host of the web series Free the People will be giving a talk at USC. And the topic is one that is sure to titillate any red-blooded, beer chugging, freedom loving individual: (Oops, spoiler) BEER IS FREEDOM!

Matt Kibbe has made the case on his show in the past with the aptly titled Beer is Freedom, Part 1 & Part 2  in which he concisely explains that a thriving beer industry can only exist where there is relatively high economic freedom. We are really looking forward to him digging into this deeper. We would love to see you there. So if you’re in the LA area please RSVP on the Facebook event page. If you can’t make it we will try to live stream it on Facebook and Instagram, or you may be able to catch a live stream from one of the other event sponsors. (listed below)

If that weren’t cool enough, there will be an after-party at the campus pub, Traditions following the talk where you will get a chance to share a beer with Matt and the New Agorist team.

Matt Kibbe PeaceIn preparation for this event we created six new memes for our Virtue blog series based on Matt’s 6 Rules for Liberty from his NY Times Best-Selling book Don’t Hurt People, and Don’t Take Their Stuff. We will be posting one a day between now and the event. Here’s #1. To see the rest you will have to follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook. We encourage you to share them with your social network.

One last thing… I want to give a shout out to the other organizations sponsoring this talk. That would be The Bastiat Society of Los Angeles, Liberty on the Rocks LA & OC, and Young Americans for Liberty. Go give them a like and keep an eye out for their future events.

Cheers my friends,
to liberty and beer!

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