3D Printed Bottle Opener


These durable & attractive 3D printed bottle openers are created on the same 3D printer we use to make our tap handles. Made of a rigid bio-degradable PLA plastic, gold reflective 550lb paracord and a real U.S. penny!

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What makes this little custom 3D printed bottle opener so amazing is the same thing thing makes Craft Beer awesome! They were created in small batches by someone who is passionate about what they do. Us!

These strong, durable and attractive bottle openers are created on the same 3D printer that we use to make our tap handles. They are printed in batches of 12 which take roughly 5 hours. The material is a rigid bio-degradable PLA plastic. But don’t worry, they will only degrade if you bury them in the ground.

The cap contact point uses a penny which can replaced when it gets chewed up… because what else is a penny good for?

It’s then finished with a gold reflective 550lb paracord lanyard closed with a fancy-ass false turks-head knot. This little touch allows you to fasten the bottle opener to your key-ring.

So next time someone’s in need of a bottle opener, not only will you be able to give them a hand, you’ll be sure to start a conversation.


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