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There was a time when, as is probably the case with most grown-ass folks, if someone asked if I watch PewDiePie the appropriate response was merely a scoff.

(I’m no 14 year old gamer after-all.)

But last year amidst the amusing hysterics of modern-day outrage culture, he popped on my radar. So I gave him a chance, and I have to say…


PewDiePie is awesome!


As champions for authenticity and independence, the Pewd has that on lock. His unpolished but always witty presentation and penchant for gratuitous goofiness is the mark of a man secure in his person.

Then there is his zero-fucks-given approach to classic “nothing’s sacred” humor. Not only doesn’t he shy away from controversy, he LOLs in it’s face. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that he shares our affinity for dank memes.

Alright, alright this isn’t a PewDiePie love fest. This is about something much, much larger!


YouTube Domination!

In his video posted on Superbowl Sunday titled “Playing Fortnite to Stop Tseries (I’m Desperate)”, he opened with a plea for help. For someone to do something to help fight back the ever encroaching T-Series, a massive Indian broadcaster that is threatening his title as most subscribed YouTuber.

Why does this matter? Because he is the poster-child of unapologetic authenticity (except for that one time he apologized) for an entire generation of young people. Because he has gotten a rough shake over the past couple of years for daring to go against the PC orthodoxy (inevitably being maligned with the nefarious “alt-right”.) And most importantly, because YouTube needs to be reminded of the first word in their name. YOU! It’s not CorporateConglomerateTube or MainstreamMediaTube. It is a place for passionate independent content creators to have a platform to share their voice with the world. Even (or especially) if it’s just reviewing a whole lot of memes and poking fun at normie hogwash. YouTube needs to go back to being about YOU, the independent creators.

So we decided to step up and do something about it. We devised a plan that, if successful will open the gates of the enormous Craft Beer social media community to flood his channel with fresh subs, hopefully giving him a healthy edge over his competition.

Yeah, it will also give us some publicity. But as a tiny new Southern California brewery startup, we have to make opportunities to build our brand. Not wait for them to come knocking.


So what’s the big idea?

Our idea was inspired by the @World_Record_Egg which smashed Kylie Jenner’s record of most liked Instagram post, which sat at 18mm. It reached 25mm in just 10 days and now holds the record of 52mm likes.

Well, we’re not THAT ambitious. All we want to do is harness a tiny fraction of his loyal 84 million person strong fanbase to push our post to the top of the trending Craft Beer hashtags, diverting millions of thumbs to the Pewd’s YouTube channel.

So we turned to our partner Design Studio, Invisible Hand Design to put the idea into action.

Behold… The Subscribe to PewDieIMPieRIAL Stout. A hearty 11.5% Imperial Oatmeal Stout with raisins, vanilla, coconut and cinnamon that’s fermented on Bourbon Barrel wood chips.

The idea is as simple as that epic egg, but with a bit of a twist. If the post gets 1,000,000 likes we will make the Subscribe to PewDieIMPieRIAL Stout our next beer we release.

We’re thinking even bigger than that though. If it reaches 5,000,000 likes we will make it a permanent beer in our lineup.

If it reaches 10,000,000 likes we will create the P-Series, a small batch exclusive run of 4 different PewDiePie themed beers (Bitch LasagnAle anyone?)

Imagine all the non-9 year olds that would attract!?

Finally, if Felix himself mentions or likes the post in any way we will send him a full case of the beer as a massive BRO FIST of thanks!

So please, we implore you… Please go to our instagram page and like the post, tag your friends, share it as a story, tweet it to the heavens, facebook the fuck out of it. Oh and whatever you do, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE!

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