We LOVE maple syrup. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures. If all you slather your pancakes and waffles with is Aunt Jemima’s chemical cocktail, you are seriously missing out on one of natures best organic flavors. We love it so much in fact that it is the ingredient that gives our Libertas English style Double IPA it’s extra rich flavor. Unfortunately the reality of this sticky nectar-of-the-gods is not as sweet as you might think.

New Agorist is about living our values and adding to the conversation of conscious capitalism. That is why we only use Vermont maple syrup. Don’t get us wrong, we would love to support our moose lovin’ cousins to the North, but we aren’t allowed to. By supporting Canadian maple it benefits the Quebec Federation of Maple Syrup Producers above anyone else. Why? Because they have a government granted monopoly to control all Canadian maple syrup.


The Federation is in effect a cartel, a mafia. Individual producers do not own the product of their land and their labor. That belongs to the Federation. They set the prices and control the market. If you are caught selling maple syrup outside of the Federation on the ‘Black Market’ that is a criminal offense, and it has cost many people their livelihood.

That is something that we simply cannot support. Until this changes we will only source our maple syrup from producers who are free to produce and sell their sap as they please. Better yet, if we could get our hands on some of that black market sticky-gold, we would be even more inclined to do that!

Do we have any Canucks of Hazzard that are down to run some bootleggin’ missions? We’ll happily pay top dollar.

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