In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day we have pulled three of his timeless quotes that advance the virtues we seek to foster in today’s culture. We have unwavering respect for the man who blew the doors wide open to a conversation which has changed the fabric of this country forever. A conversation we must continue.

This conversation of brotherhood, peace and equal respect has unfortunately devolved over the past few years. It has been eroded by the race-baiting media who’s only allegiance is to sensationalism, and an indoctrinating educational systems who affixes the lens of Cultural-Marxism to the young malleable minds they are entrusted with so that they only see people in terms of groups; the ‘oppressed’ and ‘oppressors’. Through this lens any observation of disparate outcome can only be ascribed to discrimination. It blocks people from digging deeper and truly understanding the causes of particular outcomes, and therefore prevents any real solutions from being attained.

It is our dream that this conversation can be reopened and our recent mistakes examined so that we can continue down the path towards peace and harmony that the good doctor began to pave all those years ago.

PAX – Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.

MLK - Pax - PeaceIt is a truism that when conversation becomes impossible, violence becomes inevitable. Therefore we need to start from a platform of peace and non-aggression. When we hear facts or perspectives that we disagree with we must save our judgment, calm our emotions and try to understand where the other is coming from.

When an understanding cannot be reached, violence, slander or hostility will only prevent others from embarking on peaceful means of reconciliation and understanding in the future. The only outcome of violence will be to ensure that the problems we seek to resolve will be destined to endure.


GRAVITAS – There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.

MLK - Gravitas - GravityPolitical correctness, in my opinion has been one of the most damaging trends of the last few decades. It is a soft form of censorship which places feelings above facts. It has morphed the hard won tradition of free speech into a narrow dialog of what is popular and what is acceptable. It is the modern form of heresy. A witch hunt that damns the ‘incensitive’.

However we must remember that at one time is was unpopular to hold the belief that the earth revolved around the sun, not the other way around. And those who publicly declared this understanding risked execution.

Things have gotten better, yes. But consider that it was in the mid 18oo’s that it was unpopular to believe that a doctor simply washing his hands during birthing would reduce infant and mother mortality to under 1%. In fact the doctor who spent years promoting this idea, Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis was ostracized by his community and was later driven to be committed to a mental institution where he died at the hands of the guards only 14 days later.

The lesson is that, that which is unpopular, that which is not ‘PC’ may well be concealing solutions which have been hiding in plain sight, but where people were warned not to look.


LIBERTAS – A piece of freedom is no longer enough for human beings… unlike bread, a slice of liberty does not finish hunger. Freedom is like life. It cannot be had in installments. Freedom is indivisible – we have it all, or we are not free.

MLK - Libertas - LibertyIf freedom is indivisible as Dr. King proposes then it must be equally granted to all, and be granted in it’s entirety. Often times fairness is demanded at the expense of freedom. But to facilitate ‘fairness’ (i.e. Equality of outcome) it is required to restrain the freedom (i.e. Equality of opportunity) of whole categories of people. This however is a slippery slope, because when the power to select winners and losers is institutionalized, eventually everyone becomes subject to that power.

I am reminded of the quote from the late Milton Friedman, “A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.”


We invite you to leave your thoughts in the comments below. Love my perspective? Dislike my take on it? Want to share what these ideas means to you? Let the community know!

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